A Community-Driven Online Marketplace

Simple, safe, and completely secure, LanYap is a local online marketplace that utilizes social sharing and a little friendly competition to match the right buyer with the best product. The catch? The user who finds the right buyer within their network earns a substantial percentage of the purchase. A "LanYap Bonus", if you will. Let the games begin.

So what the heck is a LanYap?


noun | lan - yap

an added bonus or extra gift

"I’ll throw in an extra donut...consider it a lagniappe."

Adapted from the Spanish-French word “lagniappe” (which means “an added bonus or extra gift”), a LanYap is our version of “throwing in that extra donut” in the form of a cash bonus.

How it works: if you find a buyer for someone else’s listing, you’ll receive a percentage of the payout.

Using old school word-of-mouth marketing (within a simple, streamlined web service), our goal is to help you save big on your two most valuable commodities: time and money.

Buyers end up with a great product, sellers get the right price, and finders earn a LanYap bonus.

Everyone wins.

Because, let’s be honest: most of us trust our community more than the Internet (and humans more than an algorithm).

Click here to find out more about how it works, create an account, and start browsing local listings.