How It Works

Create your listing, set a LanYap bonus, and let the race begin. Motivated finders will search their networks for buyers willing to pay the best price (in exchange for a percentage of the overall price).

Become a Buyer

Purchase high-quality items locally via a simple, easy, safe buying process.

DISCOVER nearby items tailored to your interests, from cameras to cars.

CONNECT directly with a verified seller through in-app communication.

SECURE YOUR ITEM through our all-inclusive platform (everything from taxes to LanYap bonus payout calculated for you, safely and securely).

Become a Seller

Create local listings and sell items locally for the right price (with minimal effort).

CREATE A LISTING easily and quickly, choosing a LanYap percentage that works for you.

SIT BACK AND RELAX, knowing your listing is being launched into the social-sphere.

RECEIVE AN OFFER from a verified buyer through in-app communication.

COLLECT CASH & PAYOUT LANYAP using our all-inclusive platform.

Become a Finder

Share listings with your network and earn extra cash (without leaving your day job).

BROWSE listings to find items your network would find interesting.

SHARE your favorite listings with your network, using anything from social media to email.

COLLECT A BONUS for any transaction you facilitate, through our safe and secure online system.