Aaron H

2009 Honda Cbr600 Rr - $4,240

There is no stealth mode with this bike. (If you are trying to be ninja then this is not the bike for you). It is hard to describe the sound it makes but is very similar to the sound of 50 Pit bulls and 50 fighting cocks all in the ring at the same time while Morgan Freeman is announcing -- terrifying... yet oddly satisfying. Just tightening your grip on the throttle is enough to send the bike three blocks down the street. . . without you. The transmission has 6 gears but I am not sure I have ever made it out of 4th gear. Every gear change causes whip-lash. I have put all my chiropractor's children through college owning this bike. Honda designed a beautiful, sexy and elegant machine, but for some reason dropped in 100 times more horsepower than needed and sold it to average me. It is like putting twin 80 horse outboards on your one-man canoe. I half expect this bike at some point to suddenly just transform into some Optimus Prime-like transformer and tell me it is time to save mankind (or at least Megan Fox). Come take a look at the bike -- but make sure your insurance is up-to-date (I don't mean motorcycle insurance -- I am talking life insurance). $4,000, firm!

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